about us

Myseed  is a company focused on providing everything for plant care to all amateur and professional gardeners.

Taking into account the best practices of the world, to break the stereotypes related to the green industry in Georgia.
To unite people of all generations and tastes and to change the attitude towards the green industry.


A company that complies with international standards and carries European values, which is focused on progress and continuous development.
A company that is loyal not only to its staff, but to all customers.
A company that will establish its own standards in the market.
A company that will create an international, solid network.
A company that will be the absolute leader in the market.

Through Myseed.ge, enthusiasts and collectors over the age of 21 can purchase seeds of the best variety and quality as souvenirs, for collection and genetic preservation purposes only, and not for any other purpose.

our team

The team is made up of enthusiastic and hardworking people who enjoy sharing their love and knowledge of cannabis. We are always happy to help and educate each customer.

social media

You can find us on all the popular social media platforms where we are part of the community. We often sponsor and hold contests on cannabis topics.

Connecting with our customers and sharing their knowledge is critical to us. The latest communication technologies allow us to interact directly with our customers and build trust in our brand and experts.


As leaders in the field of hemp cultivation, we have a great responsibility when it comes to the environment, which is why we promote organic and sustainable growing methods.

We warn you that the cultivation and sale of marijuana is prohibited and not allowed in Georgia, and Myseed.ge is not responsible for any illegal use of the sold product by the buyer.

Delivery service

In addition to the fact that you can purchase the product on the website, as well as on any of our social networks or by calling our contact number, you can visit us at any of our branches.

When ordering online, you will be able to enjoy fast and quality delivery service.

Get Marijuana Seeds Without Leaving Home!

Our vision and mission

We share experience!
Our goal is to provide the best genetics and share this culture with those who are interested.
We support every gardener.

Our motto is simple: if you’re willing, you can breed quality genetics!

We believe in hemp and its potential, and we want to help growers and consumers learn more about this powerful plant.

We do this by bringing in and searching for the best genetics to satisfy all types of cannabis users, sharing our vast experience, busting myths and building on the latest research and development.

We also strive to build and support a community of growers and cannabis enthusiasts, investing time and resources to help grow the cannabis sector.

Myseed aims to provide only the best genetics and we look after all types of breeders. All our seeds are obtained from organic production and tested genetically by laboratories.
We also test the seeds daily to maintain the germination and germination quality of industry leading brands.

Myseed.ge urges you not to use the purchased products for illegal purposes, and at the same time we consider ourselves obliged to inform you about the negative impact of marijuana consumption on the human psyche and physiognomy.

negative physiological effects


  • Causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, inflammation of the eye
  • causes the pulse to increase, heart rate to increase
  • causes blood pressure to rise or fall
  • Disrupts movement functions
  • causes dizziness
  • causes drowsiness
  • causes changes in body temperature
  • causes headache
  • causes dizziness
  • Causes nausea
  • causes feelings of hunger

Negative psychological effects


  • causes memory deterioration
  • causes deterioration of perception
  • It causes loss of sense of time and space
  • causes apathy
  • causes a lack of motivation
  • causes hallucinations
  • It leads to the loss of the ability to perceive oneself as a person
  • Causes psychosis (especially large doses) WARNING: This product is sold under the condition that it will not be used for illegal purposes. You know that the cultivation of cannabis in Georgia is prohibited by law. Please note the existing regulations, we are not responsible for your actions.