Cannabis Seeds

The largest selection of marijuana seeds in our grow shop. You will be able to buy a wide range of cannabis seeds including autoflowering, feminized (photoperiodic), and CBD seeds online or in store in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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Cannabis Seeds in Tbilisi, Georgia

The process of growing cannabis plants starts with seeds. Early steps are very important for growing cannabis. They decide how big the plant will be, how will it smell and taske like.

Cannabis plants usually are male or female. Male plants make pollen sacs, while female plants grow flowers with sticky buds. Male plants can be useful for breeding, to create new cannabis strains. While, Female plants gives lowers which contains the highest concetrations of cannabiniods, such as THC and CBD, which are main reasons for plant;s psychoactive and medical effects.

The marijuana plants come in different types, each have its own look and effects:

  • Indica: Plants are short with green leaves. They usually grow bigger and heavier. Indica gives a calming effect. Is also helps with stress and insomnia.
  • Sativa: These plants are tall and have skinny leaves. Sativa gives you a happy and energized feeling.
  • Ruderalis: Ruderalis can grow in tough weather. They are flowering on age, not light which makes them easy to grow in different environments.

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How to Choose Cannabis Seeds

When choosing seeds, think about what you want. At our grow shop, we have different types of seeds, like ones that flower on their own (autoflowering), ones that need light changes (photoperiodic), and CBD strains. Autoflowering plants switch from growing to flowering without needing specific light schedules. While, photoperidioc plants rely on changes in light exposure. They need specific light schedules to flower and longer periods to initiate flowering.

Before you decide which Seeds suits you the best, Consider your growing space. If you are growing in a small are, choose small, fast-growing plants like autoflowering strains or Indicas. For larger spaces, grow larger plants directly in the soil or in big pots.

How to Grow a Cannabis Plant

Cannabis needs the right conditions to grow. Temperature, light, water, and humidity are really important. First, you need to start the seeds, which takes 12 hours to eight days. Keep the temperature between 24 to 30 °C for healthy growth.Temperatures below or up to these, can affect THC potency and plant growth. Keep in mind, that maintining the right humidity level is also important. Ideal range is 40-60%.

For cannabis cultivation, soil is typically used, but alternative methods, Hydroponics and Aeroponics can help you too. In Hydroponics plants grow without soil. They receive nutrients from a nutrient-rich water. This method can help you control nutrients level, while helping plants to grow faster and reach higher yields.

Germination is the first step. So start the process, seeds need to be moisturized. Use clean, pH-balanced water. Maintain a temperature of 20 to 25 °C and keep the seeds in the dark. While most seeds will germinate in 2-4 days, some may take up to two weeks.White germinating, keep in mind, that too much water can drown seeds and be sure to be gentle when handling germinated seeds to avoid damaging the delicate roots.

How to increase THC levels when growing cannabis

How to boost THC levels in cannabis plants? That’s one of the main question many growers ask. As your experience grows, you will get better at understanding your plants, which will lead to better yields and higher THC levels. One of the main things to improve THC levels and plant health are:

  • To Upgrade Lights: Quality LED grow lights can make a big difference in plant quality.
  • Use Air Pots: It improves root aeration and makes plant health better.
  • Reduce Stress: Identify and eliminate any sources of stress in your grow room

Remember, that you have the main role to create the best environment for plants. Even the best seeds need optimized resources and caring to produce high THC levels.

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid – Choose the right type

Knowing how each plant is different will help you pick the strain that's best for you.


The Indica strain has short, bushy leaves. It is growing well indoors.  It's small and compact, with wide leaves. Indica usually flowers quickly, in about 8-12 weeks. Indica provides relaxing, calming body high and is often used for stress and sleep aid.


Sativa plants are tall with narrow leaves and longer stems. They have longer flowering time, typically 10-16 weeks. For Sativa strains warm climate and more vertical space is the best choice. When it comes to effect, it offers energetic, cerebral effects.


Hybrids are a mix of Indica and Sativa. They can be different depending on which one is stronger, but usually, they have a mix of both Indica and Sativa features. The effects can be balanced. They can give you a body high, a mind high, or a mix of both.

Which one is better to grow?

The best type of cannabis to grow depends on how you're growing it and what you like. If you're just starting out, Indica or strains with mostly Indica are easier because they're smaller and grow faster.It can be better for limited space or cooler climates. Sativa is better for outdoor growing or for larger indoor spaces. They need more time to mature. It suits warmer climates the best. Hybrids are like custom-made plants. They can be changed to suit what you want. If you want plants that can handle different condiditions, hybrids are the best.

Before you choose cannabis seeds, do some research to find the best strain. Buy seeds from trusted grow shop to make sure they have good genetics. Good-quality seeds usually grow into strong plants with great effects.